swiss movement - next generation

swiss movement - dave feusi
Ethan Eubanks, Nigel Hall, Freda Goodlett  vocals
Stephan Geiser trumpet
Mark Hauser alto sax
Dave Feusi tenor sax
Adam Smirnoff guitar
Tim Kleinert keys
Tonee Schiavano bass
Georgios Mikirozis percussion
Swiss Chris, Ethan Eubanks   drums
DJ Mr Rourke turntables

A legendary live performance of Eddie Harris, Les McCann, Benny Bailey, Leroy Vinegar und Donald Dean in 1969 became famous as the „Swiss Movement“ , and was soon recognized as a milestone in Jazz history. The lack of rehearsal and the resulting improvisational approach of the musicians turned out to be the magic of the concert.

Inspired by this unique event at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Dave Feusi produced his first album under his own name in March 2010. He brought  17 well-known musicians from the USA and Switzerland to New York City and recorded a batch of compositions, specifically written for this purpose, in the same spirit and similar concert surroundings.

Since the spontaneous open-ended nature is a core feature of this project and Feusi commands an impressive global network of great musicians, potential change of personnel from concert to concert isn't avoided but welcome. By evoking every players improvisational skills to the highest degree, these conditions create that thrilling state of heightened awareness in both musicians and audiences, in order to create an exceptional moment of musical enthusiasm.

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